About Geo Pallet Ltd.

Geo Pallet Ltd. was founded by the fellows Arshad Latif and Muhammed Ezaz Qazi. Both have extensive experience in the Pallet-Making Industry. Mr. Latif, formerly the owner of a well-known pallet-making company in British Columbia, Canada, together with Mr. Qazi founded Geo Pallet in 2004. Geo Pallet Ltd. has been officially in operation since 2007. Since then, the name has been publicly advertised.



Commitment and Reputation

We are committed to consistently provide top quality products and the highest level of customer service.

Two of the Founding Members are very active in the direction, management, and operation of the Surrey, B.C. facility… labouring earnestly. The Geo Pallet’s Team of dedicated personnel makes the consistent production of high-quality products and timely delivery a reality, by the Grace of God.

Our reputation in the industry and in the markets which we service speaks for itself.


While continuing to serve the Pacific Northwest, we aim to introduce more pallets into the North American markets which are made of hardwood and, hence, are long lasting and more cost effective for global delivery systems.