Wooden Pallet History

The Origins Of Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are something that many people overlook because they have become a part of our lives. Wooden Pallets can be found across a wide variety of different professions and industries. However, these wooden structures have played a major role in the history of economies and it is important to understand this. The origin of wooden pallets is something that you should consider to better understand the role that they play.


The Birth Of The Wooden Pallet


Before wooden pallets were used, boxes, barrels, kegs and wooden crates were used to store and transport goods. At times skids were also used for this purpose. The birth of the wooden pallet can be dated to the early 1920’s when the modern forklift was created.  

With the modern forklift was created, traditional skids started to evolve into pallets. This would revolutionize the way that goods were gathered, protected and stored.  


The original wooden pallets were stringers which have boards fastened to them  This created a platform for the goods to sit on and a space underneath for the prongs of the forklift.  It was only in 1925 that bottom planks were added to this pallet design. The addition of the bottom planks allowed goods to be stacked and moved with greater speed. It was not long after this that warehouses across the world started to rely more and more on wooden pallets.  


Pallets During The War


During World War 2, the popularity of wooden pallets actually increased. This coincided with the time of mass production and the standardization of pallet sizes. Around this time, the universal pallet size of 48 by 48 was established between allied countries. This was done to make the shipment of goods easier.


The standardization of the pallet sizes also made it easier to mass produce them. The mass production helped with the shipment of heavy goods and armaments during the war.


Wooden Pallets Going Mainstream


After the war, wooden pallets become a part of mainstream business. During this time, the first narrow aisle electric reach truck was created and revolutionizing the way warehouses operated.  It was only in 1968 that the GPMC pallet was created when several major Canadian grocery companies met to establish a standard pallet. This pallet is now the most widely used and the most common one we see today.


The wooden pallet is now a mainstay of the shipping industry. Pallets are regularly being used to move all manner of goods across the world. While the history of the pallet is something that has spanned far back, there is no doubt that the pallet has been something that has helped to expand and grow the shipping industry into what it is today. While improvements to the design and material of pallets continues to change, there is no doubt that the pallet will stick around. If you are looking for the latest and best pallets for your business, then come to Geo Pallet Ltd. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect pallet for your needs.

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