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Proud Canadian business that provides heat-treated wooden pallets that exceeds your expectations and requirements.

Why Choose Us


Widest range of pallets

We help you decide what’s best for each flow – without bias


Dedicated expert advisors

Our experts can analyze your need and guide you every step of the way


Long-term partnership

A partnership for the future. We can help you improve continuously – in line with best practices

Our Services

Does your pallet vendor come through when you need them most?

At Geo Pallet, our customer service team is focused on YOUR needs. We WILL pick up the phone when you call. We Will be there when you expect us.

Pallet Supply + Retrieval

We provide our customers with reliable, cost-effective end-to-end pallet solution.

New & Custom Pallets

We’ll work with you create most cost-effective pallet that meets your specifications.

Recycled Pallets

We supply recycled pallets in both common and custom specifications.

Business Quality Policy

Our customers are the heart of our business; everything we do is in service to you. When it comes to quality, our management and employees are committed to a best practice quality program, to hold ourselves accountable for compliance and to strive for excellence.


We will continuously improve our quality performance through ongoing training, auditing, monitoring, corrective and preventive actions, and program enhancements

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