Geo Pallet Ltd. is a 100% Canadian business that prides itself on exceeding your pallet requirements and expectations.

Welcome to Geo Pallet Ltd! We are a 100% Canadian business that prides ourselves on exceeding your wooden pallet expectations and requirements.

Founded by Arshad Latif and Muhammed Ezaz Qazi, they have been working towards their goal to introduce more hardwood pallets into North America which will be long lasting and more cost effective for global delivery systems. Both Mr. Latif and Mr. Qazi have extensive experience in the wooden pallet making industry. Arshard was a previous owner of a very well-known pallet making company in British Columbia, but in 2004 he joined forces with Muhammed to create Geo Pallet. The name has been officially publicly advertised and been in operation since 2007.

Located in Surrey, we offer a full range of wooden pallets for sale to the Pacific Northwest. We are a Canadian manufacturer that is authorized to produce heat treated wooden pallets that will fit your needs, whether you want standard-sizing options, a custom made wooden pallet to your specifications, or of a recycled nature. We can supply the Pacific Northwest with up to 800 pallets per day, and we have the capability to ramp-up our facilities to meet an increase in demand.

Stack of wooden pallets

Types of Wood Pallets for Sale

As mentioned above, we offer three main styles of wood pallets. The basic manufacturing process for our pallets is a horizontal platform that is made from hardwood and attached to a bottom deck. These pallets will provide a base to safely assemble, store and transport any type of material that you are working with.

At Geo Pallet Ltd. we only create the top quality hardwood pallets and provide the best customer service to you! Our high quality of hardwood ensures that each pallet created is durable and cost-effective when being delivered globally. Along with standard size wooden pallets for sale, we offer two other types of hardwood pallets that will help your business needs.

Custom Made Pallets: Geo Pallet Ltd. can design and create pallets that meet your specifications. We can customize the size of the pallet which can vary from small to large depending on what you are using them for. We can also use different types of wood to create your custom wood pallets. We can use hardwood, pine wood or anything in between! We can also change the style of your pallet that ranges from slitter style to wing style.

Recycled Pallets: We strive to do our part to help protect the environment. We take in recycled pallets and use high-quality pieces to create a whole new pallet, which does cut down on the number of trees we use in the manufacturing process. These pallets are also more cost-effective for you since they are less expensive to manufacture and we don’t lower the quality either! We make sure that all of our recycled wooden pallets for sale still maintain a high quality and are properly repaired before shipping them to our clients.

We guarantee that all of our pallets are created with high-quality materials and are affordable to you! If you have any questions about our products, the pricing or the shipping process, please contact us today!